Ghana Federation of Forest & Farm Producers commends Government for institution of Green Ghana Day

The Ghana Federation of Forest & Farm Producers (GhaFFaP) has commended the Government of the Republic of Ghana for dedicating a Day specifically for the planting of trees in our communities, degraded forests, off-reserve areas, parklands, open places, school compounds to restore the country’s vegetation thereby creating a greener nation.

These remarks were made during the 2023 Green Ghana Day celebration. A statement issued in Accra by the National President for the Federation (GhaFFaP), Hajia Alima Sagito-Saeed in commemoration of the Day said   the theme for this year’s Green Ghana Day which falls on Friday 9 June 2023 “Our Forest: Our Health is in order and at the right time.

This she said because Forests are essential to human health and there is strong connection between healthy people(nation) and existence of forest cover. Forests support our health in many ways that may not be visible. For example, Forests filter our air that support our health, regulate water cycles, and also help mitigate the hazardous effects of climate change through carbon sequestration.

 The GhaFFaP National President again stated that the planting of trees in our communities, school compounds, other open spaces, river banks should be a concern for all citizens especially Forest and Farm Producers Organizations (FFPOs) and a major priority for the nation.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that spending time around trees helps boost our immune system, lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation. The means Forests existence and Public health can never be separated from each other.

The GhaFFaP President further advised all Forest and Farm Producer organizations (FFPOs), stakeholders and partners that planting trees to restore degraded forests implies that we are all supporting an integrated better health approach for people. 

She indicated that as part of efforts to support the Government’s Green  Ghana Day policy, GhaFFaP  has deliberately  put in place  a 3G Initiative in its Agenda 2030 document which  is expected to ensure the conservation of our forests for our  future generations will be our topmost priority while creating an enabling environment for forest and farm producer Organizations investment through increased tree planting, sustainable and diversified livelihoods, and integrated land restoration Activities.

Finally she said GhaFFaP as a national Federation is always committed to building strong synergies and partnership with government Ministries/Departments/Agencies especially the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources, Forestry Commission, Metropolitan/Municipal & District Assemblies etc and other private sector stakeholders under the GhaFFaP 3G initiative to restore the country’s  degraded forest landscapes through Collaborative Approach.

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