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We are most trusted Forest & Farm Producers in Ghana.

We Are

Ghana Federation of Forest

& Farm Producers

The Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers (GhaFFaP) is a national federation of Forest and Farm Producer Organizations (FFPOs) drawn from three ecological zones of Ghana –the Savannah, Transition and Forest ecological zones – for promoting the interest of forest and farm producers in Ghana. The evolution of GhaFFaP has been influenced by the desire of members to maximize their strength in numbers towards building strong and profitable forest and farm based businesses, contribute to shaping national policies for sustainable development and promote climate resilience landscapes across the forest, transition and savannah ecological zones in Ghana. GhaFFaP currently has a membership of 1,042,880 representing twelve (12) Forest and Farm Producer Organizations (FFPOs) across the respective ecological zones and is open to all forest and farm producer organizations in Ghana that share in its objectives. The current membership is made of 478,623 women (46%), and 564,157 men (54%) respectively of which 208,291 (20%) are youth forest and farm producers.

Our Vision

Improved standard of living of members (Forest and Farm producers) through sustainable environmental management and climate resilient landscapes.

Our Mission

Contribute to sustainable livelihoods of forest and farm producers through advocacy, capacity building, environmental management, business development and partnerships building.


Our Objectives

The objectives of the federation includes but not limited to;


  • To serve as a platform in advocating for conducive forest and farm policies and laws in Ghana.
  • To coordinate the establishment of partnerships with government, private sector and civil society organizations for the benefit of forest and farm producers and promote participation in national development
  • To improve entrepreneurial and business capacities of members and provide business incubation services to forest and farm producers in Ghana
  • To promote sustainable environmental management and climate resilient practices and landscape restoration.
  • To serve as a platform for resource mobilization for member organizations.
  • To ensure gender inclusive practices in all programmes and activities of member organizations
  • To provide internal economic, social, cultural and other appropriate and relevant welfare services to members.

GhaFFaP Members

Our trusted Members.


<h2>Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana</h2>

Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana

Apex Farmer-Based Non-Governmental Organisation to advocate for pro-poor agric and trade policies affecting livelihoods of small holder farmers. Visit our Website


<h2>Kookoo Pa Farmers Association </h2>

Kookoo Pa Farmers Association

a farmer organization that network cocoa farmers in Ghana and provide them with knowledge in sustainable agricultural practices in cocoa production. Visit our Website


<h2>Achichire-Sureso Pebaseman Community Resource Management Area</h2>

Achichire-Sureso Pebaseman Community Resource Management Area

A Community based producer organization with the aim of mobilizing its members towards the protection of natural resources within its Area.


<h2>Abrono Organic Farmers Association </h2>

Abrono Organic Farmers Association

A Farmer-based organization with strong focus on environmental friendly sustainable agriculture and integrated community development. Visit our Website


<h2>Zal-Taaba Organic Farmers’ Association </h2>

Zal-Taaba Organic Farmers’ Association

A member-based forest and farmer producer organization operating largely in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Visit our Website


<h2>Tele-Bere Vsl Association</h2>

Tele-Bere Vsl Association

Improving livelihoods by strengthening the capacity of forest and farm producers to effectively organise themselves around effective policy engagement. Visit our Website


<h2>Kasena Nankana Baobab Cooperative Union</h2>

Kasena Nankana Baobab Cooperative Union

A growing member based local Cooperative Union with over 10,500 members within the Kasena Nankana districts of the Upper East Region.


<h2>Community Action in Development & Research</h2>

Community Action in Development & Research

Community Action in Development and Research is a member based organization made of women and men groups in the Lawra and Nandom municipalities.


<h2>Kattetaah Maali Lanbuure</h2>

Kattetaah Maali Lanbuure

A woman led farmer cooperative formed in 2016 with 54 groups from 8 zones with a total membership of 1,781 that cut across two districts of the Upper West region of Ghana.


<h2>Tuna Women Development Program</h2>

Tuna Women Development Program

A local non-profit, non-religious and an equal opportunity non-governmental organization, legally registered with the registrar Generals department. Visit our Website

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