DISCLAIMER From The Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers (GhaFFaP)

The Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers (GhaFFaP) hereby informs all partners, stakeholders, institutions, consultants, and the general public that Badu Yeboah, formerly serving as a Program Associate with GhaFFaP, is no more an employee with the organization since Tuesday 14th May 2024.

We strongly advise you to desist from any form of engagement with Badu Yeboah on matters concerning GhaFFaP. Please be aware that any interactions or engagements with Badu Yeboah regarding GhaFFaP are done at your own risk and discretion. GhaFFaP does not endorse, verify, or take responsibility for his actions, statements, or services.

By choosing to engage with Badu Yeboah, you acknowledge that GhaFFaP disclaims any liability for any outcomes that may arise from such interactions.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact us directly at info@ghaffap.org

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.