GhaFFaP marks World Environment Day 2020

… calls for preservation and improvement of biodiversity and overcoming COVID-19

The Ghana Federation of Forest and Farm Producers (GhaFFaP) is marking the 2020 edition of the World Environment Day with a call to preserve and improve biodiversity and overcoming COVID-19.

This year’s celebration of World Environment Day, according to GhaFFaP, provides an opportunity for deep reflection as the world is currently in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic which has revealed how connected the globe is and the extent to which human actions and inactions can become a catalyst for the preservation or distraction of human kind.

“GhaFFaP is strongly of the view that the COVID -19 pandemic presents an opportunity to have a more proactive global approach to issues relating to the preservation of the environment,” it said in a statement signed by Victoria Adongo, Executive Director, Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana, on behalf of GhaFFaP.

“Scientific studies in recent times reveal a growing linkage of zoonotic related diseases such as COVID-19 and environmental degradation such as deforestation, destruction of natural habitats and biodiversity loss. It is thus our firm belief that there is the need for meaningful and progressive transformation of the status quo in respect of the environment towards saving lives and livelihoods for present and future generations,” the statement added.

GhaFFaP noted that as part of its strategic initiatives, it is promoting the building of a healthy environment that contributes to preservation of Biodiversity through the GhaFFaP Green Ghana Initiative (3G).

The 3G Initiative is expected to ensure the conservation of the environment for future generations while creating an enabling environment for GhaFFaP small scale forest and farm producers’ investment through increased tree planting, sustainable and diversified livelihoods and sustainable land restoration.

GhaFFaP says it will build synergies and partner with the Government of Ghana and other private sector stakeholders under the 3G initiative to restore forest landscapes through conservation farming and tree planting and address climate change in the forest, transition and savannah ecological zones of Ghana.

“As we celebrate World Environment Day, GhaFFaP wishes to once again highlight the important contribution of forest and farm producers as agents for the preservation of biodiversity and further call for collective action and partnerships among stakeholders, GhaFFaP calls on all forest and farm producers and stakeholders in Ghana and globally to keep observing the COVID-19 prevention protocols even as we celebrate World Environment Day.”

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